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(2) Refurbished Dual Xmas Trees. 5000psi. Parallel Bore 3-1/8” x 3-1/8” Nominal H2S Service, cw Tree Cap
Listing ID: 9165Contact: Jeff Weber
Price: 175,000 gbpE-Mail:
Quantity: 2Mobile: +370 616 57086
Condition: refurbishedPhone: +1-302-231-1880
Location: UKDate Posted: 09/10/14
Christmas trees

Solid Block, Dual parallel bore, 5000 PSI working pressure with four integral studded flange side outlets (two production wings and two service wings). Nominal bore through vertical and horizontal runs to be 3 1/8”.

Distance between centres of vertical parallel bores to be 5.05”. each side of tree to consist of the following components:

(a): Hydraulically operated master valve/surface safety valve (lowermost valve in vertical run) 3 1/8” nominal bore. Valve operator to be Otis type “U”, 5000 PSI working pressure.
(b): pneumatically operated production wing valve/surface safety valve (lowermost valve in horizontal run), 3 1/8” nominal bore. Valve operator type Otis type “U”, 5000 PSI working pressure.
(c): pneumatically operated service wing valve (uppermost valve in horizontal run), 3 1/8” nominal bore. Valve operator to be Otis type “U”, 5000 PSI working pressure.
(d): Manually operated swab valve, 3 1/8” nominal bore complete with hand wheel.
(e): two 2 1/16” integral studded flange outlets complete with blind flanges for instrumentation fittings. These outlets to be 90 degrees from each other, 45 degrees from the vertical, and be on the well side of the production and service wing valves.

Bottom connection of the Christmas tree to suit top connection of the lower master valve block. Bottom of the block to be machined for seal nipples joining through bores of lower master valve block and Christmas tree. Double sealing on each end of seal nipples is required.
Test ports, complete with suitable valves, are required to perform pressure tests as follow:
(a): in the cavity between the double seals on the top of the nipple joining the lower master valve block and the Christmas tree: two out lets required for each bore which can be used to inject packing material when necessary.
(b): in the cavity between the two through bore nipples and the ring gasket between the lower master valve block and Christmas tree – two outlets required.
Top connection on each bore of Christmas tree to be a 3 1/8” nominal bore integral studded-flange outlet to accept as detailed in the Christmas tree cap.

Christmas tree cap

A one piece tree cap is required which will seal on the ring gasket of each parallel bore of the Christmas tree. The primary side of the tree cap is to allow for concentric wireline operations through either bore of the Christmas tree depending on operation. The top connection for wireline access is to be 5”-4 Acme complete with blanking plug tapped and fitted with a 1” needle valve. A mechanism to allow for rapid orientation of the primary bore of the tree cap over either bore of the Christmas tree is required.

Design basis

In accordance with API 6A subject to the following operating scenarios:
(a): Simultaneous oil/water production from “A” and “B” string.
(b): Simultaneous chemically treated sea water injection in to the “A” and “B” strings.
(c): Oil/water production from the “A” string and chemically treated sea water injection down the “B” string.
(d): Chemically treated sea water injection down the “A” string and oil/water production from the “B” string.
Note: water production in the above context is meant to be a combination of naturally occurring formation water and chemically treated sea water.

Pressure rating

Christmas trees 5000 PSI.
Maximum sea water surface injection pressure: 2750 PSI
Flowing wellhead pressure (oil wells): 180 – 1200 PSIA
Shut in wellhead pressure (oil wells): 1500 PSIA
Shut in wellhead pressure (water injection): 0 – 2750 PSIA


Minimum ambient temperatures (for design): -75 degrees F.
Maximum flowing wellhead temperatures: 200 F.

Axial load

The maximum axial load on the Christmas tree will occur when the wireline riser and coiled tubing unit are installed on the tree cap. This loading will be comprehensive, with a magnitude of 20,000 LBF maximum.

Bending moments

The maximum anticipated bending moment to be exerted on the tree cap cyclic at plus and minus 20,000 FT-LBF.

Environmental loads

Waves, ocean currents and ice: None
Temperature: -75 – 200 degrees F.

Production fluids

Oil, formation water, injection water and hydrocarbon gases.
H2S concentration: 15 ppm maximum
Co2 concentration: 2% (mole fraction in gas phase) maximum
Sp 2127 petrolite: 20 – 50 ppm by volume in produced water from treated wells.

Treating chemicals

Extensive variety of treating chemicals for oil and gas production and chemically treated sea water are considered.


Full documentation package to the internationally acceptable codes, specifications and standards including API-6A latest revision will be on delivery as follows:
(a): material traceability documents
(b): material properties report
(c): manufacturing report
(d): non-destructive Examination reports

Jeff Weber EU cell +370 616 57086 USA: 432-687-5445. Buying or selling xmas trees? Contact me.

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