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COSL Wireline Skid with Logging Tools For Sale. 1.7mm usd
Listing ID: 9870Contact: Jeff Weber
Price: 1.7mm usd with logging toolsE-Mail:
Quantity: 1Mobile: +370 616 57086
Condition: usedPhone: +1-302-231-1880
Location: LibyaDate Posted: 01/21/15
Looking to buy a COSL wireline skid? I am selling this used COSL wireline skid with logging tools. Call or email me if you are interested: Jeff Weber EU cell +370 616 57086 USA: 302-231-1880.

The unit has been imported brand new in 2010 and performed 6 jobs only for CPC Taiwan and since then it has been in store.

A list of wireline and logging tools follows:

Wire Line Logging Equipment List
S/N|iterm in English|Qtr|specification iterm|Type

1|3-arm Caliper Logging tool|3|ECAL61XA|Down hole tool
2|Mandrel- Six-Pads Diplog|1|1020MA|Electrical imaging equipment
3|Electronics- Six-Pads Diplog|1|1020EA|Electrical imaging equipment
4|Collar Locate Tool(2346)|4|ECCL71XA|Down hole tool
5|Wireline Remote Transmitting Tool|3|ERTT61XA|Down hole tool
6|Digital Spectra Logging Tool|3|EDST61XA|Down hole tool
7|Natural Gamma Ray Tool|2|EGRT61XA|Down hole tool
8|Dual Laterolog Tool-Electronics|3|EDLT71EA|Down hole tool
9|Dual Laterolog Tool-Manderal|3|EDLT71EA|Down hole tool
10|Micro Spherical Focused Laterolog|3|EMSF61XA|Down hole tool
11|Temperature/Tension/Fluid Resistivity Sub|1|ERMT61XA|Down hole tool
12|Orientation Tool|3|EORT61XB|Down hole tool
13|EDIB Slam Adapter|3|ESAT61XB|Down hole tool
14|Compensated Neutron Logging Tool|3|ECNT73XA|Down hole tool
15|Litho-Density Logging Tool|1|EZDT71XA|Down hole tool
16|Litho-Density Logging Tool electronics|2|EZDT71EA|Down hole tool
17|Litho-Density Logging Tool Manderal|2|EZDT71MA|Down hole tool
18|digital Sonic Tool|3|EDAT61XA|Down hole tool
19|Multipole Array Acoustic Tool|2|EMAT61XA|Down hole tool
20|Hose Connector|1|EKJT62KA|Down hole tool
21|32-conductor stabilizer(4341)|3|ECTL61XA|Down hole tool
22|12feet isolation electrode|4|EISI62XA|Down hole tool
23|isolation sub(28-conductor)|3|EIST61XA|Down hole tool
24|slipover|3|slipover|Down hole tool
25|Adjust sub|3|EAOT61XA|Down hole tool
26|Swivel Instrument|1|EPLT61XA|Down hole tool
27|Knuckle Joint|5|3921XA|Down hole tool
28|GR Calibrator (2.5u)|1|4702NK|radioactive source
29|Desity verification block|1|S3D04|radioactive source
30|NEUTRON CALIBRATOR|1|S17L075|radioactive source
31|238Pu-Be NEUTRON source|1|S17S20|radioactive source
32|Cs-137 Radioactive source for maintenance|1|S3J|radioactive source
33|Cs-137 Radioactive source|1|S3T20|radioactive source
34|Ice Block|1|S17C04|radioactive source
35|Cs-137 Radioactive source for debug|1|S17A1|radioactive source
36|Nutron calibration bar|1|HN2437|surface equipment
37|Density calibration bar|1|HN2225|surface equipment
38|Logging Workshop (VSP)|1|VHS|surface equipment
39|VSP Equipment|1|GEOWAVES|Down hole tool
40|VSP Compressor|1|HA450-23D|surface equipment
41|Free-point indicator|1|FPI|Down hole tool
42|HDIP SURFACE SYSTEM|1|HH2000|surface equipment
43|Logging Workshop(FET)|1|EHS|surface equipment
44|basic reservoir characteristic tester|2|EFET-1|Down hole tool
45|FET Control Panel |1|EFET71PA|surface equipment
46|FET- ACQUISITION COMPUTER|1|EFET61CA|surface equipment
47|FET0-POWER PANEL|1|EFET61TA|surface equipment
48|ERSC Panel|1|ERSC61SA|surface equipment
49|ERSC Panel|1|ERSC61TA|surface equipment
50|ERSC Panel|1|ERSC61SA|surface equipment
51|ERSC Control Panel|2|ERSC61KA|surface equipment
52|Enhanced Rotary Sidewall Coring Tool|4|ERST|Down hole tool
53|Rotary Sidewall Coring Tool-Hydraulic|1|ERSC61MA|Down hole tool
54|Rotary Sidewall Coring Tool-Electronics|1|ERSC61EA|Down hole tool
55|Gamma tool|2|WGC10|Down hole tool
56|Shockproof Gamma Ray Tool|1|GRT05|Down hole tool
57|Gamma tool|2|D4TG|Electrical imaging equipment
58|Electronics- X-tended Range Micro Imager|1|XRMI-1|Electrical imaging equipment
59|Mandrel- X-tended Range Micro Imager|1|XRMI-M|Electrical imaging equipment
60|Cement Bond Imaging Logging Tool -Pad section(1424)|2|CBMT61XA|Down hole tool
61|Cement Bond Imaging Logging Tool-VDL|2|CBMT61PA|Down hole tool
62|Cement Bond Imaging Logging Tool-EA(1633)|2|CBMT61EA|Down hole tool
63|ELIS Skid|1|ESSS|surface equipment
64|Generator(40kw)|1|DCA-40SPX|surface equipment
65|Generator(15kw3)|1|DCA-25SPX|surface equipment
66|Oscilloscope Panel|1|EDSS|surface equipment
67|Uninterrupted Power Supply|1|EUPP|surface equipment
68|LCD Monitor|2|ELCM|surface equipment
69|Perforating Panel|2|EPGP|surface equipment
70|Safety Switch Panel|1|ESSP|surface equipment
71|Surface System Maincomputer|2|EMCU|surface equipment
72|Surface DATA ACQUISITION UNIT|2|EDAU|surface equipment
73|LINE SWITCH PANEL|2|ELSP|surface equipment
74|Depth/Tension Panel|2|EHDP|surface equipment
75|AC POWER PANEL|2|EACP|surface equipment
76|DC POWER PANEL|2|EDCP|surface equipment
77|INTERCOM PANEL|1|EICP|surface equipment
78|Hub Panel|2|ESPP|surface equipment
79|Simulator CABLE|1|EWSP61XA|surface equipment
80|ELIS Test System|1|EPTS|surface equipment
81|GRAYSCALE PLOTTER PANNEL|2||surface equipment

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