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For Sale. New Frac Pumper Skid Mounted. 695,000euro
Listing ID: 3781Contact: Jeff Weber
Price: 695,000euroE-Mail:
Quantity: 1Mobile: +370 616 57086
Condition: newPhone: +1-302-231-1880
Location: GermanyDate Posted: 11/15/10
General Description

FRAC Pumper Unit skid mounted

Main components:
• Skid, steel
• Diesel engine, max. Power 2250 BHP, 1900/min
• Allison Transmission Net Input Power 2250 BHP
• Quintuplex High Pressure Pump: Maximum Brake Horsepower Input: 2500 BHP

The approximate physical dimensions of this unit are as follows:
• Length: max. 8 m
• Width: max. 2,5 m
• Height: max. 2,8 m
• Weight: max. 20t – 23t

Driveable on trailer in Europe.

The XYZ Pumper is a skid mounted high pressure pumping unit for pumping proppant laden fluids and inhibited acid fracturing fluids.
This XYZ high-pressure pump unit is mounted on a single steel skid. Lifting hooks are equipped on the corners of the skid to enable four-point lifting/ lowering of the unit by means of the crane.
The Unit is remotely operated either from a remote control suitcase or a Mobile Computerized Data Aquisition and Control Unit.
The triplex pump is driven by a 2250 BHP water cooled Diesel engine via an Allison transmission. Each component of the pumper is selected to provide optimum performance, considering operating conditions and serviceability.
Equipment of the unit is designed for the operations in the harsh environment of oilfields in ambient temperature ranges of -20°C to +55°C and 90% humidity. The deck engine shall be capable of delivering 2250 BHP to the engine flywheel and the triplex pump will deliver 2500 HHP.
To control all unit parameters during the job process, an electronic monitoring and control system is used. The unit control is possible locally (from the operator panel) or remotely (via a remote control panel). The remote control panel is connected with the unit by means of the cable (L=50 m). A reel with a manual drive is mounted on the unit base to wind up the cable.

1. Engine
Detroit Diesel 12V4000
Max. Power: 2250 bhp
Max. Power Speed: 1900 r/min
Peak Torque: 6888 ft-lbf
Peak Torque Speed: 1650 r/min
Control system: DDEC IV Electronic

2. Transmission
Allison S9820M

Net Input Torque: 8270 Nm 6100 lb ft
Net Input Power: 1678 KW 2250 hp
Turbine Torque: 10235 Nm 7550 lb ft

Warmth which can be released by exhaust: 275 kW at 1900 Rpm
Oil flow at 1900 Rpm: 3,75 litres/sec.
Oil leakage temp. transmission: max 135°C
Oil leakage temp. cooler: max 121°C
Quantity of oil transmission: 79 litres without cooling system
Type of oil: C4
Max permissible pressure loss: 0,8 – 1,0 bar
Max pressure: 18,5 bar

Engine Interface:
Acceptable full-load engine governed speed: 1800 – 2100 rpm
Minimum engine idle speed range (with transmission in Drive): 550 rpm

3. Quintuplex Pump QWS 2500
Rated Max. Brake Horsepower 2500 BHP (1866 KW)
Maximum Rod Load 192,325# (87,239 kg)
Stroke Length 8" (203.2 mm)
Gear Ratio 6.353:1
Plunger size: 6 ¾ “

Fluid End Lubrication System
The plunger lubrication is provided by a pneumatically pressurized oil supply system. This system includes the following components:
• lube oil reservoir;
• distribution manifold;
• required plumbing and hoses;
• pressure sensor;
• pressure regulator;
• flow control valves for each plunger with setting locks.
Power End Lubrication System

The power end lubrication system includes the following items:
• pump;
• bypass valve;
• required plumbing and hoses;
• heat exchanger;
• pressure gauge;
• temperature gauge;
• full flow filter;
• suction strainer;
• oil tank with heat exchanger to connect preheating system.

4. Electronics / Controls / Instrumentation
The Frac Pumper controls and instrumentation are installed in two areas on the unit. The local control panel is mounted at chest height on the driver’s side of the unit. The local control components are housed in a weather tight stainless steel enclosure and protected on the top, back, and sides by an aluminium mounting enclosure. The panel is protected from vibration with special isolators and of an easy-to-maintain design.

The remote control panel is mounted in a suitcase style enclosure and stored on the unit in the enclosed aluminium box located next to the local panel. Included with the unit is 45m (150ft) of remote cable. The cable is stored on a fixed style wrap designed to hold 45m (150ft) of cable and mounted to the side of the local panel protective support frame.

Hour meter read out is available on the XYZ panel display (viewable from the ground); and also on the display of the remote control box.

Electrical connections to the tractor will be made at the front of the unit.
The trailer will have two on board batteries with the deck engine being fitted with an alternator.
This will allow the unit to operate in a standalone fashion after it has been started with tractor air and the tractor removed.

4.1. Control panel
This instrumentation panel are provided with cushioned against vibration.

External mounted gauges:
Analog type discharge pressure, with high pressure hose and gauge protector

Internal Controls and gauges:
Temperature coolant water HT
Temperature coolant water NT
Oil pressure engine
Oil temperature engine
Oil temperature Allison
Oil pressure Allison
SPM PE Oil pressure
SPM PE Oil temperature
Hydraulic pressure
Hydraulic temperature

Operating switchs:
Lights on/off
Cooling fan automatic/manuel
Electric power on/off
Stop / Start engine
Engine emergency shut down

The control panel included:
Protective limpid front plate
Alarm lamp
Diagnostic – connector for engine DDEC control software
Connector for Remote Controle Box
Engine hour meter

4.2. Remote Control Box
Remote control box with waterproofed housing and
following elements:
• Display and operating panel for over pressure shut down
• Pump rate calibrating
• Gauge engine rpm
• Gauge engine water temperature HT and NT
• Gauge pump rate SPM pump
• Switch panel on/off
• Switch engine start/stop
• Switch Allison Lockup inhibit
• Switch lamp test

• Engine throttle control
• Allison Transmission shifter / controls
• Engine emergency shutdown button

• Signal light for:
- Alarm
- Converter
- Allison Lock up
- Engine
- Getriebe
- SPM Pumpe

Data Acquisition System

- Flow rate transducer
- Pressure transducer
- Temperature transducer
- Pressure transmitter Mod509 Viatran / 0-15000psi / 4-20 mA

Data acquisition / recording (print/monitor)
- Cumulate volume/flow of the triplex pump
- Output of all measured parameters
Unit Completion
Supplied with the unit will be the following standard equipment.
Note: This equipment will be part of the above unit, and if already mentioned an item will not be duplicated.
• Fire extinguisher
Unit shall be painted using a urethane paint system. All fabricated components shall be blasted to near white metal before primer coat. The unit shall be painted per the customers single color scheme. Additional colors are subject to review.

Approval certificates (material certificate, CE, certificates, …) and test certificates shall be supplied in English. Any certification of vendor supplied components (engines, transmissions, pumps, high pressure iron, etc…) should be requested in writing at the time of purchase.
Manuals shall be supplied in English at time of delivery.
Approval certificates and test certificates: 2 set
XYZ Frac Pump skid mounted operation and maintenance manual: 2 set
Major Component Manuals:
Engines, Transmissions, Pumps

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