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For Sale: New Skid Mounted Pumping Unit
Listing ID: 7735Contact: Jeff Weber
Price: 399,600usdE-Mail:
Quantity: 1Mobile: +370 616 57086
Condition: new, 12 week deliveryPhone: +1-302-231-1880
Location: USADate Posted: 03/07/13
Skid Mounted Pumping Unit

1.0 General

Skid mounted high pressure single pump unit for well service treatments.
This high pressure pumping system shall consist of a rebuilt series 60 14 Liter Detroit Diesel engine. On the skid is the unit power. Power from this engine is transferred to the triplex pump via an Allison 5 speed transmission. The triplex pump is a SPM 600 Short. This pump is built with 4” plungers. The skid contains all well fluid handling components.
The triplex pump is a horizontal single acting triplex. The power end has welded steel alloy housing and the fluid end is made from a forged steel block.
The pump incorporates hard surfaced plungers that are capable of pumping cement slurry, acid, water, diesel, solvents, drilling fluids and other corrosive and non-corrosive fluids.

2.0 Performance

This unit has a minimum of 630 BHP and is capable of operating in ambient temperature ranges of 32 degrees F to 113 degrees F without exceeding 205 degrees F radiator top tank temperature and without exceeding 180 degrees F pump oil temperature.

3.0 Skid

The approximate physical dimensions are as follow:
Length: 24 ft.
Width: 8 ft.
Height: 8 ft.

This skid system is made of heavy duty steel longitudinal beams and cross members.
The skid is equipped with heavy duty lifting eyes located inside of the frame at each corner of both skids. These are sufficient to lift the skid using the lifting eyes. This skid is equipped with welded drip pans to contain any fluids that may leak from the engine, transmission or pump. There is an oil sump drain with a valve at each edge of the skid. This skid has a 150 US gallon fuel tank that is equipped with a vent fill cap and a drain.

4.0 Diesel Engine

Detroit Diesel Series 60 14 liter is shock mounted onto the skid. This engine will transfer power to the triplex pump via an Allison 5 speed transmission and a Spicer driveline.
The engine is equipped with all required monitoring devices, lube oil pump and distribution system, as well as;
• Electronic throttle control and governor
• Fuel filters, primary and secondary
• Full flow engine oil filter
• Oversized radiator and fan assembly with anti-static fan and belts
• Exhaust manifold with flexible exhaust connection
• Spark arresting muffler and rain cap blanketed for heat protection
• Oil cooler mounted for cooling transmission oil
• Engine filter brackets
• Air compressor and air receiver system. Air dryer is installed.
• Air starter
• Heavy duty lighting system complete with 130 amp alternator and 2 heavy duty batteries in and enclosed battery box

5.0 Cooling System

The cooling system is capable of cooling the jacket water, transmission, and torque converter oil (in lockup), and down hole pump oil at sustained maximum horsepower output. Pumping at the maximum allowed fluid head pressure rating at 113 degrees F ambient temperature at 3,000 ft. altitude without exceeding Detroit Diesel and Allison’s maximum allowable top jacket water temperature will not be exceeded. The maximum allowable converter oil temperature or without exceeding 180 degrees F down hole pump temperature is designed into the cooling design. The foregoing should be accomplished without exceeding the fan manufacture’s maximum allowed rpm.

6.0 Transmission

*An Allison transmission model HT 750 DRD power shift with a lock up clutch.
* Power shift operation will allow the operator to shift the transmission under load and at full speed
* The transmission is equipped with a lock up clutch which engages at speed above 1400 rpm and allows the transmission to run as a mechanical transmission rather than the torque converter.
* Transmission fluid cooling is provided by an oil cooler located on the engine.

7.0 Driveline

Heavy duty Spicer “Wing Bearing Series” driveline with service free type SF universal joints assembly with heavy duty universal joint are installed between transmission and triplex pump. Driveline is equipped with a metal guard assembly for safety.

8.0 Hydraulic System

• A 60 gallon carbon steel hydraulic tank with pump inlet suction strainer, oil level sight glass, man way style access hatch, baffle protection and drainage with connection and valve is provided for oil storage and additional cooling.
• The tank is equipped with a suction strainer and a return hydraulic filter is added to the unit for filtration of solid contaminants from the hydraulic fluid.
• Hydraulic power is provided by a commercial gear type hydraulic pump driven off the PTO outlet on the Allison Transmission.
• The pump drives a gear type hydraulic motor with anti-cavitation check valve to provide power to the centrifugal pump (6” x 5”)
• An air to oil type oil cooler is mounted for cooling the hydraulic fluid.

9.0 High Pressure Pumping System

• The triplex pump model SPM 600 Short with 4” hard surfaced plungers.
• The maximum input horsepower is rated at 600 bhp. The pump has forged steel fluid ends with removable suction and discharge covers, fabricated steel suction manifold (4”), threaded packing glands with removable stuffing box assemblies, spring loaded plunger packing, replaceable urethane valve disc, bronze packing followers, crankcase breather and dry sump. Release manifold to prime pump back to this displacement tanks.
• The pump uses an air over oil plunger packing lube system complete with oil storage reservoir, high pressure check valves, flow control valves and hoses to lubricate triplex pump packing assembly. Installed underneath the triplex pump packing assemblies is a drip tray with drain outlet and drain valve. This pump will feed lube oil to the packing system to pressure ranges from 90-120 psi and rates of approximately 0.02 GPM. Compressed air from the Main engine air system will power this system.
• The triplex pump power end is lubricated with a force feed filtered back flow system, driven from the engine lube system PTO. This system will comprise deck engine lube PTO driven lube pump. This lube system is automatically activated to provide lubrication of the triplex pump power end under all operating conditions. Additionally it has a carbon steel lubrication tank with pump inlet suction strainer, oil level sight glass, access hatch, baffle protection, drainage with connection and valve, lube oil temperature gauge, lube oil filter, lube oil cooler (oil cooler is able to maintain lube oil temperature below 200 degrees F @120 degrees F ambient @ engine speed of 2100 rpm and full horsepower on all available transmission gears).
Necessary relief and check valves to prevent over pressuring and flow reversals in the lube oil circuit, lube hoses rated 300 psi or above or hoses subjected to pulsating flow
is double wire constructed. All hoses and fittings are rated for the maximum pressure that can be generated by the hydraulic pumps to which they are connected. All hoses will have inner lines suitable for service with mineral oil and outer cover of synthetic rubber resistant to diesel fuel and alcohol. These systems will use 90-140 gear oil and pump through the triplex power end at rates of approximately 20 GPM at approximately 80 psi.

10.0 Centrifugal Pump’s

One (1) 6” x 5” x 14” centrifugal pump is used to boost slurry fluids to the triplex pump from a fluid holding tank and displacement tank. This pump will also have the capability to supply to the fluid holding tanks. Centrifugal pump brand is Mission Magnum.

11.0 Fluid Handling System

• Located above the triplex pump in the pump skid is a twenty (20) bbl., two 10 bbl. each, capacity displacement tanks. This tank is designed to eliminate sidewall pop out, which can affect fluid displacement. Also, included are calibrated level markets in barrels, dump valves, drain sump, overflow lines (3”), rock guards, full suction , return and loading piping manifold, etc. the tank manifold is equipped with sufficient Victaulic couplings as to allow complete disassembly of the piping.
• The low pressure suction manifold will consist of various air operated and manual butterfly valves, flanges, Victaulic couplings, union connections, pipe and pipe fittings ( all external connections to have a removable cap that is chain welded to the piping manifold, the only exception shall be for the overflow line only, no cap shall be provided), etc. Schedule 40 pipe will be used.
This manifold is designed to unload fluid from the tank suction flanges to either the tank return manifold or to the triplex pump suction manifold.
This system will allow the displacement tanks to unload either singularly or simultaneously to either the boost centrifugal pump or to the triplex pump suction manifold.
• The release manifold will have a 2” x 1” 15,000 psi plug valve fitted opposite of the discharge of the triplex pump.
• The high pressure discharge 2” 1502 15,000 psi working pressure connection.
All fittings and plug valves are built with integral union connections to minimize leaks and to provide a safe operating environment.
All plug valves are fig. 1502 and rated for 15,000 psi working pressure.

12.0 Controls and Instrumentation

The unit control console is installed on a centrally located elevated walkway with access ladders on both sides with “no slip grips”.
The control console will include all controls required to operate the unit. This includes engine and transmission controls and gauges for operating and monitoring the engine and transmission. It also includes the necessary controls and gauges for operating and monitoring the hydraulic system.
Installed in this control console is:
• engine start/stop
• electronic display
• engine throttle
• RPM display
• Coolant temperature
• Engine status
• Transmission shifter control
• Transmission oil and temperature gauges
• Transmission lock up indicator
• All hydraulic controls and gauges
• Centrifugal pump control
• Triplex pump system, 0-15,000 psi analogue discharge pressure gauge, hoses and gauge protector 4:1 de-boosted
• Flow rate meter
• Rate total meter
• Triplex pump lube oil pressure gauge
• Over pressure shutdown control, that reduces engine speed to idle.
• Emergency kill
• Air pressure gauge
• Air horn
• System voltmeter and observation light switches
• Pneumatic butterfly valve controls. All valves not accessible from the operator position in front of the control console are pneumatically actuated using actuators. Plug valves are manually actuated.

13.0 Unitization and Completion

This unit is fully assembled, unitized and complete to the above technical specification. This unit will include the installation of all other electrical systems, pneumatic systems, hydraulic systems and other operating systems as to ensure a fully operations unit. All fluids are filled to the maximum recommended levels (except for those prohibited by law for transportation purposes). All necessary steel fittings, hoses, adapters, bolts and nuts are included. A steel tool box capable of storing 500 lbs. of tools. All labor necessary to complete this unit. All workmanship is of good quality and appearance.

The following is a partial list of examples:
• Flame cut edges are ground smooth
• Sharp corners and edges to which operator and mechanics are vulnerable are ground smooth
• Bolt holes for bolts are drilled, not torch cut, and no more than 1/8” larger than the bolt it accepts
• Welds are of good quality and of sufficient strength
• Self-locking nuts used where practical
• All hoses are well supported with support type clamps or straps
• No sweated or brazed type hydraulic fittings shall be used
• Fluid end tools and wrenches provided
• All hoses assemblies will have swivel ends
• Where necessary, hoses are protected by well secured rubber sleeves to prevent rubbing by the frame, etc.
• All reservoirs are constructed of steel plate with sight level gauges, cleanouts, vent caps, etc.
• The blasting, priming and paint of the equipment are to the customer’s requirements and colors.
• The final and complete testing of this unit will occur in the presence of the customer’s representative(s).
• Three (3) copies of operational, maintenance and spare part manuals are supplied with each unit.

Price per unit,
USD $399,600
Delivery 12 weeks from time of deposit.

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