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For Sale: trailer mounted acid pumper 1,095,500usd
Listing ID: 9999Contact: Jeff Weber
Price: 1,095,500usdE-Mail:
Quantity: 1Mobile: +370 616 57086
Condition: New build, 180 day deliveryPhone: +1-302-231-1880
Location: USADate Posted: 03/13/15
If you want to buy a new trailer mounted acid pumper unit? I am selling a new trailer mounted acid pumper unit for 1,095,000usd.

Call or email me: Jeff Weber EU cell +370 616 57086 USA: 302-231-1880

Pumping unit is fabricated on custom built single drop trailer. The completed unit consists of engine packages including two main Engines rated at 550 HP (remanufactured to new specification), two Allison 4700 OFS transmissions, two 600 HP triplex pumps, hydraulic system, triplex pump lubrication and cooling system, centrifugal pumps, liquid holding tanks, cement mixing tank, operators panel enclosure and all necessary valves and controls for normal operations. All components are engineered to allow operational temperature’s from -10 to +50 degrees C.

The unit will have the following operational characteristics:
• The engines drive through automatic power-shift transmissions to the triplex pumps.
• The engines speed is controlled from the control panel and the transmissions are also shifted from the operator enclosure. This allows the operator to vary the pumping rate etc. from one central location.
• The fluid holding tanks suctions are manifolded together to allow the operator to pump fluid from either tank or both at the same time.
• The suction of the centrifugal pump (5” x 6”) is directly connected to the manifold on the holding tanks. An external suction is incorporated into the piping to allow the centrifugal pump to pull supply fluid from an outboard source, tank truck etc. if required. The centrifugal pump is hydraulically driven, and provides a positive suction pressure in the suction manifold of the well service pump. The centrifugal pumps will be supplied from each engine, a selector valve will be provided to select which engine will supply flow for the centrifugal pumps.
• The high-pressure piping may be configured to allow the discharge from the triplex pump to return to the holding tanks or go directly downhole.

1. Engine / Transmission
• Engine Rated 550 HP engines for triplex pump drives
• (2) 5 speed Allison automatic transmission 4700 OFS series
• Air or Electric start
• Radiator and Transmission cooling system
• All required controls and monitor

• 2 –500 HP triplex pumps manufactured by SPM, MSI, GD, Kandle or SWOIL
• One pump with 3.5” plungers and the other with 4.5” plungers.
• External lubrication system.
• Over pressure shutdown for each pump
• All tools as required for maintenance
• Dyna 1800 series drivelines with slip joints and companion flanges
• 4:1 ratio de-boosted 15,000 PSI pressure gauges per pump, with duel scale
• Over pressure relief valve mounted on each pump (adjustable type)

• Double life Brand
• Acid service / slurry – 6” x 8” x 11” 75-HP
• Fresh water- 5”x 6”
• Recirculation 4”x 3”
• All Hydraulically driven
• Suction manifold rated for 175 PSI working pressure

• Two (2) separate tanks – 10 BBL each with 6” suction outlet
• Manufactured as displacement type tanks
• 20 BBL. capacity
• 3” fill lines to each tank
• Overflow pipes installed
• Drain valves
• All required air operated valves
• High pressure re-circulation system from each pump with 2x1 1502 plug valves.

• The control panel is installed in the operator enclosure.
• The control panel is facing the rear of engine; the operator shall a clear and unhindered view of the unit wherever possible.
• The control panel is stainless steel and permanently engraved identifying all gauges and controls.
• Controls and gauges include the following: (for each pump where required some indicators will be combined into one selectable digital gauge)
• Engine start/stop
• Engine emergency kill
• Engine water temperature gauge
• Engine oil pressure gauge
• Engine throttle
• Engine tachometer
• Transmission shift control
• Transmission temp gauge
• Transmission lock up indication
• Transmission pressure
• Well service pump lube oil pressure gauge
• Well service pump lube oil temperature gauge
• Centrifugal speed controls
• Centrifugal hydraulic pressure gauges
• Centrifugal discharge pressure gauge
• Engraved piping schematic with control valves and indicators
• High pressure well service pump discharge pressure gauges 4:1 de-booster with 2: 1502 direct connections to discharge line.
• Martin decker type circular chart recorder.
• Electronic rate and totalizer meter (via magnetic pickup)
• 24 hour work light switch
• Air horn and button
• Air pressure gauge
• Voltmeter gauge
• Covered operational area.

• The low pressure piping to the centrifugal pump is 6” and incorporates Victaulic type fittings to allow for flex and enable the suction piping to be disassembled and assembled with ease.
• The low pressure piping from the discharge of the centrifugal pump to the suction on the triplex pump is 6” and will incorporate Victaulic type fittings to allow for flex and enable the suction piping to be disassembled and assembled with ease.
• High pressure re-circulation line to displacement tanks via 2x1 1502 plug valves from each triplex pump.
• This line is connected to the opposite side of the fluid end from the discharge of the triplex pump
• A 10,000 PSI 2”x 1” valve would be installed in this line to allow the fluid to be diverted into the displacement tanks.
• High-pressure discharge – 2” 1502 connection is supplied at well side of fluid end.
• This line would be connected to the discharge side of the well service pump fluid end
• All high pressure line components would have a maximum working pressure of 15,000-psi
• All well bore treating lines, valves and connections are supplied

• Single drop style trailer
• Two axles
• Mechanical landing gear
• Heavy duty leaf spring suspension
• Tire size will be as allowed for load rating
• 3.5 inch King pin
• ABS brake system
• 12 volt electrical system
• 300 gallon fuel tank
• Fire extinguisher’s

• Hydraulic system runs from main engines. System is redundant and can be switched with on panel mounted toggle switch from road side to curb side.
• Mounted to the transmission PTO is the hydraulic pump system to supply all power.
• Parker, Sauer and other major hydraulic components used.

• Unitization and completion would include:
• Complete steel structure fabricated
• All necessary mounts and iron racks supplied
• Under deck toolbox storage
• Tire changing tools and jack.
• Spare tires and wheels, 2 rears.
• Treating iron racks
• Swivel joint racks – capacity for twelve (12) swivels
• Tool box as large as possible
• An open top fittings box
• Hydraulic system, complete with filters, all necessary hoses and a sight glass and temperature indicator
• Triplex pump lube oil tank; complete with sight glass, relief valve and hoses
• All manufactured components are be built to withstand vibration/shock parameters and be as light as possible
• Installation of all electrical systems and 24 hour lighting systems
• Installation of pneumatic systems
• 2 fire extinguishers
• All steel and assembly fittings to complete the unit
• Flame cut edges would be ground smooth
• No sweated or brazed type hydraulic fittings would be used
• All hoses would be supported with support clamps or hose collars
• All hoses would be protected by well secured rubber sleeves where required to prevent rubbing by the frame
• Function and performance testing of the completed unit


The unit is furnished to the customer in field ready condition and tested to customer’s satisfaction. Training is provided at precise plant and the customer’s site. Customer is invited to testing prior to delivery of unit. Warranty of unit is one year from date of commissioning, major components are under original manufactures standard warranty, xyz does not extend or reduce the warranty from any sub warranties all workmanship of unit for three years less any normal wear and tear.

Delivery to occur within 160 to 180 days after receipt of down payment

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