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New Cased-Hold Wireline Unit. Truck Mounted. 219,800usd
Listing ID: 9303Contact: Jeff Weber
Price: 219,800usd, customer supplied chassisE-Mail:
Quantity: anyMobile: +370 616 57086
Condition: new build, 18-22 week deliveryPhone: +1-302-231-1880
Location: USADate Posted: 10/14/14
Jeff Weber EU cell +370 616 57086 USA: 432-687-5445. Buying or selling truck mounted cased-hole wireline units? Contact me.

Cased-Hole Wireline Unit

1. Truck mounted Wireline unit fitted to customer supplied truck chassis tandem drive axle.

2. Aluminum Body
2.1. Heavy duty aluminum body. Outer skin is heavy gauge aluminum. The floor in the Wireline compartment is fully insulated and bx grade plywood installed under rubber flooring.
2.2. Unit to feature a driver’s side cabin entrance with duel windows.
2.3. Pull out and flip over type steps for cabin entry.
2.4. Aluminum body insulated from chassis shock by severe duty mounting springs and chassis gasket.
2.5. The walls and ceiling are insulated with 2” R-4.0 grade industrial insulation.
2.6. Four (minimum) exterior storage boxes with keyed locks and door hold backs.
2.7. Lighting system includes two 110 VAC halogen flood lights mounted on the rear of the body. Two 12 VDC spot light mounted at the rear of the van body. Two 12 VDC light’s at the winch bay mounted on the divider wall. Two 110 VAC winch bay mounted lights.
2.8. Electrical power supplied by onan quiet power generator system capacity of 8kw.
2.9. Ceiling mounted air conditioners (2),
2.10. Rear bumper with storage, step, and Wilton brand vise.
2.11. Tool rack’s constructed as required.
2.12. All lighting and reflectors to meet US DOT regulations.
2.13. Canvas winch compartment tarp with aluminum slat’s and ties down straps.
2.14. High quality, chemical and weather resistant paint to customer specs.

3. Operators Control Cabin
3.1. The interior approximate dimensions of the control cabin 8 ft. long by 8ft. wide.
3.2. Cabin interior finished using white aluminum powder coated sheets.
3.3. Customer bench located at the back wall of cabin.
3.4. Cabin will also feature operator’s panel area to control down-hole operations.
3.5. Installed in the winch bay divider wall operators cabin is a sliding window with laminated safety glass.
3.6. Control panel located beneath the divider wall sliding window (3x5if possible). Panel is sized to comfortably allow for all gauges, instrumentation and controls.
3.7. Control panel incorporates all necessary controls and designed for ease of operation.
3.8. Measuring system is Geo-Log style in-line deflection type and incorporates the weight indication and line speed system. Line speed readout in downhole computer system. \
3.9. One overhead mounted cabinet and two counter top type cabinets. All Abc Energy Products cabinets are manufactured by a third party custom cabinet builder. Light table can be supplied if requested.
3.10. 110 VAC plug along the wall opposite the entrance to the cabin. Plugs installed on each wall or as customer requests.
3.11. 12 VDC interior light’s in the cabin as well as 110 VAC ceiling mounted fluorescent lights.
3.12. 19 inch compartment for downhole computer system.

4. Wireline Drum, Winch and Hydraulic System
4.1. The Wireline drum will be capable of holding 25,000 ft. of single conductor 5/16” e-line 850 series.
4.2. Three speed Funk transmission with gear reduction and 100H chain drive.
4.3. Extreme performance with a wide range of line pulling and line speeds.
4.4. Low speed control for logging application.
4.5. Machined and balanced drum.
4.6. Dual band brakes with air and manual operator controls.
4.7. Heavy duty drums shaft bearings.
4.8. Pulls up to 1,000 ft. per minute (faster if needed).

5. Technical details
5.1. All exterior skin is .090
5.2. Interior recorder cabin skin is .060 white powder coated
5.3. Winch bay skin is .060 and attached by screws.
5.4. Interior and exterior skins are attached using 3M fusion bonding tape
5.5. All walls and roof skeletal material is 2 x 2 x 1/8” square tubing where possible.
5.6. All floor material is 2 x 5 x 1/8” rectangular tubing welded to 7” aluminum channel.
5.7. All electrical is shielded in conduit.
5.8. Proper size breakers for the wire used on all AC & DC systems. Marine type electrical control panels.
5.9. Insulation in R 4.0 or better
5.10. 100% inspection of all welds.
5.11. Steel drum frame attached directly to truck chassis.
5.12. Sauer hydraulics with EDC controller for fast reaction time
5.13. Hydraulic oil cooler
5.14. 50 gallon hydraulic oil tank.
5.15. Standard grounding duel clamp reel

Complete one year manufacturer’s warranty.

The above price includes only the Wireline unit as detailed above. Single conductor wireline, truck, and any other required equipment shall be added to this price or supplied by the Customer.

Equipment delivery,
First unit delivered in 18-22 weeks (depending on chassis & 850 drum delivery). This delivery is quoted due to present work load, if this unit is placed on order within 90 days, we will guarantee this delivery, and however, should the order placement be delayed longer than 90 days the delivery will change.

Price for 1 tandem axle unit 5/16” Wireline truck USD $219,800.00

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